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Cat Brooks

District 2

Nikki Fortunato Bas

School District 4

Clarissa Doutherd

School District 6

Shanthi Gonzalez

Peralta Board of Trustees

Cynthia Napoli-Abella Reiss

Oakland Rising Action is a community-led political organization focused on supporting leaders who drive a progressive agenda dedicated to racial, economic and environmental justice that puts Oakland’s working-class, immigrant and communities of color living in the flatlands of Oakland at the center of our city’s government.

Our thorough endorsement process included a written questionnaire and panel interviews with select candidates. It engages activists, organizers and leaders of Oakland’s progressive left at each stage, with the goal of endorsing candidates who most align with our values, vision, and strategy for Oakland.

Above are our endorsements for Oakland races that voters will decide on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

To ensure that we are building a thoughtful, progressive voting bloc that is accountable to our values, we offer some analysis as to how we landed our endorsements.

Values for Oakland Leadership

As we look to the political future of Oakland, a few values loom large before us. Fundamentally, we are working to shift power in Oakland to advance racial, economic and environmental justice. We believe that Oakland can and should be a city that champions equity, that puts the issues and agendas of our neighbors who have been most impacted by systemic racism, poverty, neglect, environmental hazards and incarceration at the center of our city’s agenda.

In order to make our vision come alive, we need progressive elected officials who will fight for strong protections to keep tenants, working-class homeowners, and long-time residents in their homes, and immediately shelter the homeless.  We need community champions who will ensure that development happens without displacement and with benefits for long-time residents such as deeply affordable housing, high quality jobs, and improvements to infrastructure.  Public land should be used for the public good.

Oakland’s approach to community safety is a key priority for us. We believe that safety must be addressed holistically, from holding police highly accountable in cases of police violence and corruption, to deeply investing in restorative justice programs, community-based reentry programs and decriminalizing people of color and the poor. Our belief is that a safe community is one where we work together to repair injustice and inequity, and truly look out for each other – in contrast to prioritizing the protection of property and militarization of our streets.  We must have a culture shift in the way policing is done, and re-invest in strong public services like libraries and recreation programs that ensure safe, positive activities for Oakland’s youth.  This also goes hand in hand with supporting strong public schools and a responsible budget that prioritize the voices and needs of students, families and teachers over highly-paid administrative staff.

The current priorities of the Oakland City Council have contributed to a sharp increase in inequity in the face of booming development, notably the pushing out of our city’s Black population.  We are supporting candidates who will shift those priorities to focus on ending homelessness and displacement, holding police accountable, investing in real solutions to crime prevention, and partnering with community members and progressive organizations to develop grassroots-led policy solutions to address community needs and ensure that the people of Oakland come first.

We are supporting candidates who bring strong community roots, accountability to their base and their values, and a deep understanding of systemic oppression and how to make change through addressing root causes.  We also believe that Oakland should be leading the way in advancing the leadership of progressive women of color who are unapologetically standing for their values and the people with common sense solutions.

Past Endorsements

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